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The Almanac Suite - a score inspired by the landscape and seasonal change in Cornwall.

Recorded in early June 2022 in Pendeen, this new album takes the listener on a cyclical journey through nature. The Rat Affair performed it live for the very first time on June 21st to mark the Summer Solstice. It was then released on December 21st 2022.

The Almanac Suite features music written and performed by Eliot Henry Allison, Kath Buckler, Louis Gulliver King, Roger Luxton, Alyssa Lynch, Clare Lynch and James Stewart. With text written and performed by Annamaria Murphy.

It was created with the support of Real Ideas Organisation and was a part of Schools For All Seasons

The Almanac Suite - FINA.png

Recorded at The Calf House & Sorting Room Studios
Produced by James Stewart & The Rat Affair
Engineered, mixed and mastered by James Stewart
Album artwork by Benjamin Harvey
Photography by Steve Tanner
All music written by The Rat Affair
Words by Anna Mariamurphy & The Rat Affair

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