The Rat Affair are a band of musicians, theatre makers and visual artists. 

Please read on to hear and see a little more about what we have done.

RAT - The Pied Piper of Hamelin reimagined through live music and shadow puppetry.

Amidst a musical score that shifts between sensationally boisterous Eastern European folk and sparse reflective piano works, RAT tells the tale of a curious man who offers to rid a corrupt town in crisis by driving its vermin infestation away. It questions the very nature of theatre by removing speech from the narrative, choosing instead to adopt the use of exquisite puppetry and projection to present a powerful spectacle of light and sound.  

RAT brings together a host of outstanding artists working in theatre and performance. RAT was made with support from Arts Council England, Hall for Cornwall, Kneehigh, Hawkwood, Cornwall Council and FEAST

As well as creating the live show, The Rat Affair also made a record of the same name. The recording started in January of 2019 and was launched as part of Kneehigh's Asylum season later that year. Only 500 copies were made on 180g heavyweight vinyl and featured an album insert with photos, all with art work from the show by Ailsa Dalling.

“it awakes our senses and imagination, provoking those fundamental questions of human condition” 
Agnieszka Blonska, Theatre Director & Senior Lecturer at Falmouth University
“fiercely beautiful imagery with extraordinary music and a biting political comment”

Mike Shepherd, Artistic Director of Kneehigh
“that’s what being in love sounds like - dramatic and blistering and gorgeous” 

Sarah Gosling, BBC Introducing
“a creation of great skill, great beauty and light and music, to be recommended to all”

Simon McBurney, Artistic Director of Complicité